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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled the most FAQ. If you don't see your question answered here, feel free to reach out via email to Marshall Radio World.

Q&A Video

Check out this video for more in depth answers and explanations about both the GPS and Telemetry for parrots.

What is the difference between GPS & Telemetry?

GPS can record data onto an apple device such as your bird's speed, duration of flight and altitude. It can tell you the direction and distance your bird is at. It's also 9 grams in weight. The Telemetry does not record data and uses the beeping gun to locate your bird. It only weighs 3 grams.

Which size birds should use which system?

Based on our experience, birds as small as black capped conures (70 grams) can handle the weight of the Telemetry unit. They do require a custom made tail mount to fit it onto their tail feather. Galahs, around 300 grams, are capable of wearing the GPS unit if attached with two tail mounts whereas we have found African greys have too small of a feather diameter for the GPS attachment and you would want to use Telemetry. Larger birds tend to have no issue with either, although we prefer the GPS for our macaws. 

Will my bird accept the mount for the unit?

There's no way to know ahead of time. Some birds don't care about the tail mounts and leave the units alone entirely while others will go to the lengths of breaking off their own tail feathers to get rid of the mounts. That's why our BirdTricks package is so great - you get to test this out and train your bird with a mount that is not active, which means if it gets broken in the process it is not expensive to replace. Also, just because your bird does not accept it the first time does not mean they never will - set up a consultation with us if you need assistance!

What are the various mounting options?

Both tail and leg mounts are commonly used with parrots. The mounts are permanent until the feather molts out on its own.

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