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Trackers For Pet Parrots

The BirdTricks Package by Marshall Radio World


Why GPS and Telemetry?

Free flight for pet parrots is something we, at BirdTricks, are extremely passionate about. We believe parrots were born to fly and therefore should have that ability whether in captivity or not. However, we also understand that free flight is a high risk endeavor with the possibility of losing your beloved parrot. To minimize the risks, we train our students to not only risk assess every time before they fly, but to also plan for every contingency they can think of. An accidental fly off where you lose sight of the bird is one of those risks to think about, and a GPS or telemetry unit minimizes that risk.  Therefore, when it comes to having GPS or telemetry on our parrots and our student's parrots, our question is - why not?

The BirdTricks Package

BirdTricks teamed up with Marshall Radio World to bring parrot lovers the BirdTricks Package. While some parrots take to the GPS and Telemetry mounts with no issue, others require a test round with a "dummy" unit that looks, feels and attaches just like the real thing... only it's not. It is not a functioning unit but it will allow your bird to investigate without risking the real thing.

Train your bird to accept the dummy unit and you will never have to worry about the real unit getting destroyed! Many of the components (such as the antenna and mounts) are replaceable so you don't have to worry about minor issues. Simply put the promo code BIRDTRICKS at checkout over at Marshall Radio World, and you will receive the BirdTricks Package that contains the real unit AND the dummy unit! This is not a discount code.

GPS vs Telemetry


In Use on Parrots

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